Frequently Asked Questions

What if my swap mate doesn't have a website or social media presence?

Don't fret! Revert back to the olden days and contact him or her directly.  Chat with them to get a feel for who they are. Become pen pals. Heck, become best friends!

Do I have to make something or can I buy a gift?

It's totally up to you! If you choose to purchase a gift, we ask for participants to shop small, local and independent businesses. Support our wonderful community of makers!

I'm overwhelmed/I'm swamped with work, I don't have time to create something/shop - what do I do?

Breathe. Keep your swap mate in the loop if you're running behind. Don't stress! It would be awesome if you could be a rule follower but we all know - life gets in the way. Send it late and make it super special to make up for it.

My gift is all ready. What do I do?

Get festive & wrap it up. Presentation is your first impression. Don't forget to snap a photo and share it, use the #goodygoodygiftswap. Next, ship it! Bonus points for emailing your swap mate shipping details/tracking number.

Why are we paired up with only one other person? It's too much pressure!

We pair people up to add some exclusivity to the swap and since this is a free swap - we rely a lot on karma. Pressure is a good thing, it's why us crazy creatives take on this challenging task! Do research, get inspired, check out our #goodygoodygiftswap feed!

Help! I didn't receive my gift! What do I do?

If it's after Christmas and you still haven't received your gift - contact your swap mate and ask if they have any shipping details. Don't feel like nagging them? Email us and I'll gladly check in!